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Chilled Water technologies to provide energy efficient comfort and process cooling/heating.


Our chiller systems keep indoor and outdoor spaces cool and comfortable through the process of efficient heat transfer. As the UK’s leading provider of water-cooled chiller systems, we are proud to offer an outstanding service. Whether you’re looking to regulate the temperature of a hospital, an industrial site or something else, we offer a versatile selection of water chiller systems to suit a variety of environments.


All of the water chiller options we supply are extremely flexible, allowing us to build entirely tailored solutions. Units can be used in a range of applications varying in size and complexity, and deliver a wide range of cooling capacities.


All of the chillers we supply are built with performance and energy efficiency in mind with our industrial chillers designed to meet the needs of very specific applications.


The high-precision water chillers we supply feature reliable, user-friendly controls with innovative noise reduction technologies and high-grade construction materials as standard.

Water Chillers

We offer a wide range of highly efficient and reliable water chillers which can be air or water cooled, for indoor or outdoor installation. These units are designed for cooling people, products or space and can be tailored to suit your precise and exact requirements.

We are able to advise on the best fit solution with a range of compressors ranging from scroll, through screw, centrifugal and Turbocor.

No matter what your chiller application, we are able to help.

Water Chiller Applications

Our diverse range of temperature control water chillers can be used in a number of comfort cooling as well as industrial processes. These systems deliver the perfect precision water temperature control.

We are able to incorporate systems into circuits providing temperature control of environments for staff, public and in healthcare premises – patients. We are also able to offer process cooling selections for the manufacturing sector.

All our solutions are suitable for use in various industrial fields such and plastic and metal processing, drink bottling and production of pharmaceutical substances.

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