The Right Refrigeration Service for Your Business

The Right Refrigeration Service For Your Business

Correct food hygiene and storage are of paramount importance, especially when you're choosing the perfect refrigeration services for your commercial catering business. From cold storage rooms to sustainable solutions, let's analyse the options.  

The Right Refrigeration Service for Your Business

Choosing the right refrigeration service is rarely as important as it is when you’re working in the catering industry. With delivering high-quality food at the centre of your business, it’s important to have high-quality food storage solutions to match, in order to prevent spoilage, waste and maintain excellent hygiene and health and safety at all times.

Navigating the saturated refrigeration services market can be difficult, as there are seemingly endless chilling, freezing and cooling solutions available to keep your commercial catering business running smoothly and safely. We’re here to help you break down the benefits and help you to differentiate between the variety of options available, so you can choose the refrigeration service that’s right for you. 

Commercial Refrigeration Service: Where Do I Begin?

Fundamentally, your chosen refrigeration service depends on the nature of your commercial catering business as a whole. Features such as commercial ice machines, blast chillers, keg coolers, back bar coolers and bottle fridges all provide different elements of accessibility and versatility and ultimately depend on whether you need your refrigeration service to be seen and used by the public or just yourself and your time. 

Refrigerated displays, for example, are a great way to showcase your products to potential customers, or, alternatively, sit under the counter for easy access. Display freezers offer a similar effect at sub-zero temperatures, and both can be designed as bespoke solutions to fit your commercial catering needs. 

Cold Storage Rooms: A Hygienic Solution 

Cold storage rooms are one of the top choices for food storage in the commercial catering industry, due to their exceptional hygiene properties, customisable nature and scope to allow you to save a lot of money in the long run. 

You don’t need us to tell you that disposing of a lot of food can be detrimental to your business’s profit margins. A lot of this food waste is caused by incorrect storage. Luckily, cold storage rooms drastically reduce food spoilage by keeping easily contaminated food, such as fruit and vegetables, at optimum temperature and controlling levels of moisture to extend the life of your produce. Don’t worry, this doesn’t just apply to fruit and veg - cold storage rooms can extend the life of all kinds of ingredients, from flour all the way to canned goods! This means that you can save money by using less food and subsequently having the shelf-life capacity to allow you to buy in bulk, which is usually a much cheaper option than buying items in smaller quantities. 

Of course, it’s not just about what happens inside the unit - cold storage rooms are built with resilient airtight properties, to prevent food damage as a result of changes in external temperatures and weather changes. This means that the cold storage unit can be used both inside and outside of a building, and also helps keep your food safe for longer in the case of a power outage, as the airtight construction will keep the temperature inside the unit regulated for a long period of time.