Air Handling Units Refurbishment

Air Handling Units Refurbishment

Whether you choose a new air handling unit or choose to refurbish your tried and trusted air handling unit system, there's no better way to keep your commercial building safe and ventilated. Read on to find out why.

 Why Invest in Air Handling Units and Refurbishment? 

Air handling units and air handling unit refurbishment is more beneficial than ever in our current society. With the unprecedented scale of the pandemic pushing the risk of airborne transmissions to the forefront of our minds, sterile air has become a big necessity, especially in densely populated and essential buildings, such as hospitals. Similarly, if your office has returned to operating on a face-to-face basis, and with shops and restaurants regaining custom, it’s important to do all you can to keep your team safe and healthy. 

This is where air handling units come in handy. If you’ve already invested in an air handling unit and/or have had your air handling unit refurbished, you’ll understand the unique benefits of this ventilation system. If not, the pros and functions of air handling units might be somewhat of a mystery. Allow us to analyse everything related to air handling units, from the benefits all the way to why air handling unit refurbishment might be a better choice than buying a new system outright.

What are Air Handling Units? 

Air handling units are, in short, accessible boxes generally installed on the roof of a building. Using ducts, the AHU transmits and circulates clean air to all of the rooms within the building itself, providing effective ventilation. This all-in-one ventilation system is the perfect solution for bigger buildings with large quantities of people and places with a limited amount of natural ventilation. 

As well as performing basic ventilation functions, the air handling unit also performs a host of useful functions. The air purification filters within the AHU allow the air to be quality controlled, ensuring that it is 100% clean at all times, through UV-C disinfection which helps remove impurities such as bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Additionally, the air handling unit also maintains some control over the building temperature, regulating how hot or cold the air is and providing humidity level monitoring to ensure that you’re happy and comfortable in your indoor environment. Even better, air handling units are wonderfully energy-efficient, saving you plenty of money and reducing your carbon footprint in the long term. 

The Benefits of Air Handling Unit Refurbishment 

If you’re already the proud owner of an air handling unit that seems to have sadly run out of steam, there’s no need to panic. If your air handling unit isn’t working the way it once was, that doesn’t mean that it’s time to invest in a new one. A lot of the time, air handling unit refurbishment can be more beneficial than buying a replacement. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why. 

The first and most obvious reason is the upfront cost. Sourcing the elements needed to refurbish your air handling unit is decidedly cheaper and speedier than buying a whole new system, which can save you both a lot of money and a lot of time. Similarly, as the refurbishment of your air handling unit is quicker and cheaper, it naturally follows that it would be more flexible. This means that it will be a lot easier for your contractor to fit the refurbishment process around your schedule, with minimal disruptions to your business. 

Last but not least, the reduction in cost doesn’t just occur upfront; air handling unit refurbishment can save you a lot of money in the long run too, but increasing the efficiency of your system with innovative upgrades that will drastically lower your running costs. 

The Best Air Handling Units UK

At JC Watson, we pride ourselves on providing the best air handling units and air handling unit refurbishment in the UK. If you’re interested in investing in an AHU, or if your current system needs a revamp, get in touch with us today for more information.