Air Handling Unit Installation

Air Handling Unit Installation

Air handling unit installation is one of the best ways to keep your business environment, clean, sterile and appropriately cooled. But what are the fundamental benefits of these convenient systems, and how do they work? 

Air Handling Unit Installation

Investments in air handling unit installation (AHU) and other forms of air filtration systems have exploded in recent years, with more and more businesses choosing clean air solutions for their premises. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has really hammered home the importance of ventilation and the circulation of clean air in buildings, with scientific studies showing the impact this has upon the spread of disease and its potential to weaken viral load. With the country up and running (almost) as normal once again, it’s more important than ever to keep your team safe and healthy. But what exactly are AHUs, and how can air handling unit installation benefit you?

What are Air Handling Units? 

Air handling units are installed most commonly on the roof of large buildings, and are made up of several cube-shaped units that come together to form the system itself. The primary purpose of air handling unit installation is to take clean air from the outside of the building and recondition it according to your needs - either heating, cooling or simply purifying. This sterilised air is then circulated around the building via a bespoke chain of vents and ductwork, before the old air is recycled back into the AHU and subsequently returned to the outdoor climate. Simple!

Should I Invest in an AHU? 

If you choose air handling unit installation, you won’t just be choosing cleaner air - you’ll also be choosing a system that manages every element of air condition and quality in your space. AHUs help to keep your indoor environment as comfortable as possible, by doubling up as an air conditioning system to keep everything as warm or cool as desired, as well as keeping humidity levels to a minimum. 

Air handling units function well at a larger capacity, which is why they’re the primary choice for environments with a large influx of people and limited air flow, such as hotels, convention halls, and so on. You can also benefit from air handling unit installations if you work in an environment that needs to stay clean and sterile at all times, such as a hospital or laboratory. 

Of course, clean air is good for any environment, which means that if you’re wondering whether installing an air handling unit on your premises is a good idea - it probably is!