AHU Replacement at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre

AHU Replacement At Sevenoaks Leisure Centre

We're passionate about finding innovative solutions for all of our customer's engineering needs. We were thrilled to kickstart 2022 by undertaking an air handling unit replacement project at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre in Kent!

Air Handling Unit Replacement Project: Sevenoaks Leisure Centre 

One of our favourite things about working in our industry is using our skills and knowledge to make life a little easier for others, and there’s nothing we love more than getting stuck into a brand new project. When Sevenoaks District Council got in touch and requested our services to solve the problem of two underperforming air handling units (AHUs) at the local Sevenoaks Leisure Centre, we were more than happy to help. 

Sevenoaks Leisure Centre is a popular leisure centre in Sevenoaks, Kent, that boasts a range of facilities. Their attractive 25m pool is a popular feature, home to swimming lessons, swimming sessions and fun for all ages, which is why it is essential that this hub of activity keeps running as reliably as ever.