Health Technical Memorandum Specialist Services.

HTM03-01 specialist services for healthcare premises.


systems requiring htm03-01 compliance critical ventilation systems as specified by htm03-01 should be maintained quarterly and be validated at least on an annual basis.

Annual validation requires a high level of expertise which we apply to ensure appropriate standards are being continually maintained. This ensures that all of the necessary equipment is performing at acceptable levels in accordance with the memorandum.


The purpose of annual validation is to check your existing ventilation plant remains appropriate for the application it is performing in. It is imperative through the validation process that acceptable performance levels have been maintained and that your systems remain fit for purpose.
All critical healthcare ventilation systems need to be inspected quarterly and verified at least annually. In some circumstances the verification may need to be carried out more frequently. The purpose of the annual verification is to ensure the system:

  • Achieves minimum standards specific to the application
  • Is operating to an acceptable performance level
  • Remains fit for purpose.

JC Watson can undertake your annual verification needs and provide you with the necessary critical ventilation system annual inspection and verification report. We can work with your AP to ensure all your systems are fully compliant with the latest guidance.


All AHU’s should be visually inspected quarterly. The inspection should note the general condition of the unit in terms of:

  • Its internal and external condition
  • Pipework and electrical connections
  • Sensor and control elements
  • The units continued ability to maintain the desired condition in the space it serves.

All records relating to the routine inspection are available to our clients via the service management portal we make available to all our clients. This will allow you to see and draw down copies of all the inspection sheets relating to the quarterly maintenance.

Need compliance assistance for your system? J C Watson is here to help.